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Electric Vehicle battery belongs to the latest scientific research achievement of Track-On-Power. It has many national patent technologies , such as humanized design, maintenance-free, green environmental protection, high-capacity and long life. 

The modification has been solved by technical research institute. the outer surface of the Nano-silica forms a smooth spheroid, the theological property is particularly good, and it is easy to perfuse. After the infusion, the plate can be deeply penetrated to prevent the sulfating of the plate and reduce the corrosion of the grid, improve the utilization rate of activated substances in the plates as well. It is polymerized into a chain group under the action of electric field and opened into a coral shape.

It can store a large. amount of electrolyte and form a gas channel. Its activated group has adsorption and controlled release effect on hydrogen sulfate ion and intelligently adjusts the deep charge and discharge performance of the battery. The latest design and new formula achieve the intelligent control of the power battery under deep discharge conditions, which was a major breakthrough in preventing the battery from unit capacity missing due to over-discharge.

Due to the mature plate technology, Track-on-power battery has been ranking high in the market over the past 26 years.

It breaks through the three-stage charging method in the market and adopts a multi-stage step-by-step charging and discharging mode to overcome to shortage of the charging system.

Not only the physical and chemical indicators requirement and electrical performance requirements for high-current deep cycle of electrical vehicle batteries were reached, but also reduce the energy consuming and costs

The Incredible


01 Corrosion resistance grid

Optimize the design structure and increase the vertical reinforcement to improve corrosion resistance.

02 Graphene Technology

Patented special additives to increase the use rate of active substances.

03 Aerospace Grade Plastic

The batteries is not easily deformed and can be used for a longer time.

04 Quinary Alloy Plate

add silver ions to the traditional plate to reduce internal resistance.

05 Large Capacity

The battery capacity is increased 5%. It run farther.

06 Prevent leakage

Fully sealed and leak-proof structure, no leakage, can be used in any direction (except for inversion), which effectively ensures battery capacity.

07 AGM Separator

The AGM separator is used with the average thickness and closely attached to the plate to prevent the active material from falling off, reducing the concentration polarization, Prolonging the discharge time and improving the cruising range.

08 Low Temperature Resistance

Improve the conductive material, reduce the high-pressure water loss during charging, reduce the internal resistance, stabilize the low temperature capacity without attenuation by 20%, and increase the winter cruising range by 20%.


The Patented structure design and special process formula effectively adjust the density and paste type. So that the generated 4BS grains are refined and evenly distributed.


The hydrolysis of the hydration polymerization chain is prevented, the density of the activated substances is prevented from being lowered, and rapidly attenuated capacity.


The original ultra-semi-conductive nano-silica polymer solid electrolyte encapsulation the positive and negative plates in all the direction.


The special mixed rare earth alloy formula is used to effectively enchance the tamper resistance , hardness and corrosion resistance of the grid.


The original patented formula can effectively suppress the prioritization of the positive and negative plates when the battery is discharged at a higher rate.


Super semiconducting Nano silica polymer solid electrolyte, Less internal resistances and faster charging.

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